Safe Neighborhoods

We need to do more to prevent gun violence.  Recent tragedies across the nation and close to home make the need for reform of our gun laws one of my highest priorities.

We need to fund more community-based policing so that police can connect with the community where they serve.  This will provide officers with a better understanding of the issues in that community, and the social services available to address their needs.

We need to reform our criminal statutes.  We should:

  • Regulate ammunition sales – bullets are what make guns deadly;
  • Keep guns out of the hands of those who are seriously mentally ill;
  • Dedicate more resources to removing guns from those who are prohibited from having them;
  • Emphasize rehabilitation for first-time and minor offenders; and
  • Provide good support services to parolees to help them secure jobs and housing when they have finished serving their sentences.

The key to violence and crime prevention is education.  Study after study shows that crime levels will drop if we invest in quality education from pre-school through college, make educational opportunities available and accessible to our children, and provide a safety net for youth and families in crisis.



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