I will work to ensure that our public education system receives the funding it deserves.  The State must also actively pursue new revenue sources, including ending the tax breaks given to the state’s wealthiest taxpayers, removing corporate and other tax loopholes, and reforming Proposition 13.

There are several things we can do to improve the quality of our public education system.  We can:

  • Eliminate standardized testing for 2nd grade and below;
  • Reform the state’s high school exit exam so that it is fairer to special education and other special needs students;
  • Remove unfair sanctions against high-need schools that are accused of under-performing;
  • Provide for early education opportunities, including pre-school for all of our children; and
  • Expand career and technical education programs to give students the full range of education necessary to secure living wage jobs upon graduation.

When I grew up in California, the state was known nationally for its commitment to funding public education and for the quality of the public education its children received. We need to get back to this goal.



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